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Tokyo: Day 4

Day 4 in Tokyo and I think if one word could sum up today, it would have to be rain. Rain has been ever present today, sometimes just a bit of wet in the air, and other times bouncing off the pavement. But at all times: rain. 

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Tokyo: Day 3

Although we had sped through Shibuya previously, we though if would be nice to walk up the 305 from Shibuya station to the Meiji Shrine. The promenade is fringed with the best representation of all the top high street brands. My favourites were, perhaps unsurprisingly, North Face & Victorinox…

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Tokyo: Day 2

Day 2 started by awaking from our 14hour sleep! We must have needed it with the jetlag, exhaustion from travelling and then a full day walking and exploring a new city. So we started slightly later than the day before and we headed out to explore just before midday. It’s lucky we left when we did though as we caught the end of a Japanese Parade for the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri: A festival with over 50 teams who parade the streets with (very heavy) Mikoshi shrines while thousands of spectators throw water at them. The energy was excellent and it certainly was a sight to see!

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Tokyo: Day 1

Day 1 in Tokyo, and we hit the streets early… not because we didn’t want to waste any time, mainly because of the crippling jet lag! We left the capsule hotel at 8am, and within ten seconds Hatti had seen her first vending machine, one of many thousand that populate the city. We found the venders to be largely similar, mainly variations of green tea, but the hope is to encounter machines that serve coffee / pizza / Mexican food etc.

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And we’re off! Edinburgh > Tokyo

I still can’t quite believe I’m typing this from our hostel in Tokyo! Although with the level of tiredness and jet-lag we felt when we touched down we may well have been hallucinating the whole thing.

We’ve been here for a couple of days now and already we’ve been exploring nonstop! But more on that later…

Our flights actually went quite well and to any of you who are aware of my previous history with baggage and long haul flights, you will be very pleased to hear that they showed up when we did!! Although I’m still glad I had packed a carry on bag with a supply of clothes and toiletries etc because it’s just not worth tempting fate. I would just like to add here that after our worry about over-packing and trying to travel light, neither of our bags weighed more than 12kg and while that may show just how little I’ve been lifting, I was so shocked and surprised at the check-in I did a little dance – the check-in lady wasn’t too impressed…

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