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Bangkok > Bali

Our flight to Bali was so early we were back up out of bed before a lot of people had even gone to theirs! The drive through Bangkok at 2:30am was made more memorable by our taxi driver taking racing lines on the motorway and generally not stopping for no-one! We arrived at the airport unscathed and managed to get through check-in and all the other important steps before embarking an airplane fairly quickly.

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Bangkok: Day 3

We fancied a bit of walking today, as while on the tour we often took tuk-tuks or taxi’s around town to speed things up, and to keep to the predetermined, high intensity schedule. Today’s itinerary was much more… open, so we went for a stroll.

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Bangkok: Day 2

Today started slightly more relaxed than previous mornings and we headed down to the breakfast buffet to eat our fill.

The Grand Palace is only a short walk from our hotel and so we set off to meet one of our tour group buddies and see the Palace.

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Bangkok: Day 1

This morning was our last supervised portion of time in Thailand, thanks Moh; it was fantastic to have such an enthusiastic, friendly & knowledgeable guide through Vietnam, Cambodia & Bangkok. Our group met at the hotel’s reception, after a buffet breakfast. Probably the best breakfast we’ve had so far! There were 6 of us on the tour (plus Moh), a great bunch, a pleasure to travel with. We began our morning by walking to the marine terminal, a short walk from the hotel, this would be our starting point for the river / canal tour through central Bangkok.

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