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New York: Day 5

Terrified that we soon wouldn’t have access to unlimited American pancakes, we decided to wander along to the 24/7 diner near our hotel to splurge one last time! The retro diner was in an immaculate condition, I have no doubt that it often gets booked out by film crews looking for a quick fix to recreate the past!

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New York: Day 3

With another day of exploring ahead of us, we headed straight to the Whole Food Market a short walk from our hotel. I opted for the iconic New York ‘Everything Bagel’, which is topped with an array of seeds and most importantly dried onion & garlic flakes. The slightly caramelised onion flakes, which I believe act as mini dehumidifiers, keep the bagel fresh by sucking in excess moisture in the air and gradually rehydrating on the top of the bagel. The everything bagel works perfectly on its own, in my opinion, but some New Yorkers like to cut it in half… and add a filling.

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