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Siem Reap: Day 3

After breakfast we were desperate to get into the pool, mostly because it had been a while since we last had a pool at our disposal, partially because its great for cooling of in the intense Cambodian heat! After reading into how long you can safely swim after eating… we jumped in. As it turns out swimming after eating is probably just fine, as long as you don’t do anything too strenuous.

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Siem Reap: Day 2

Spoiler alert: today entails a lot of temples.

We started the day early: about 4am. We boarded the bus and headed straight to the ticket office where we had our photo taken (everyone’s favourite thing to do at 4:30 in the morning) for our golden tickets to Angkor Wat.

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Siem Reap: Day 1

Today we journeyed from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap; around a 320km drive, but the minibus was well air conditioned and we had some interesting stops along the way.

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Phnom Penh: Day 2

I think we both knew that this morning was going to be tough. But I do think it’s so important to educate ourselves and the world about atrocities such as those inflicted by the Khmer Rouge regime. The hope is we would learn by example and it’s unfathomable that things like this are still going on in our world today.

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