Month: January 2018

South Australia > Victoria

It was time to wish Kingston SE goodbye. We packed up our stuff, and headed back onto the B1. Hatti was keen to do a quick detour past the giant lobster that was Kingston’s ‘attraction’. It appears to a popular trend in some Australian towns and cities to adopt a thing, and procure a big version of it to put on display. Affectionately known as Australia’s big things.

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We awoke in Boroota Bush Camping Park, as expected. Thankfully we hadn’t been relocated in our sleep… by aliens, a local removal service, or territorial ducks. After many a dream about Rodeo clowns, or Rodeo protection athletes (as is politically correct), we dusted ourselves off and clambered back into the Saab braced for a bumpy drive back to the main road. Buckaroo.

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