Month: December 2017

Across the Nullarbor: Part 3

As we left the border, refuelled and rested up, we had another big drive ahead of us. Our crossing of the treeless plain that is the Nullarbor National park, and hopefully, reaching civilisation once more.

The reality of what we would be driving through for most of the day became quickly apparent.

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Across the Nullarbor: Part 2

Leaving Albany we were pretty sure that this was the last place to stock up on food, water and petrol until we reached the other side of the Nullabor… and in many ways were right. Esperance was a ghost town at the weekend, so fortunately we already had 30 litres of water, enough food to last a family of six several weeks… and a jerrycan in the back of the Saab!

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Before we knew it we were back on a plane again, this time from Heathrow to Perth (Australia)! My Mum kindly drove us the airport, we wished her goodbye after a fantastic stay.

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